Understanding of business as ZUCK does.

This is something that zuckerberg said in recent techcrunch interview.

He said,
  • To do great things we need great team.
  • To make great team we need best people.
  • People wanna work on what they believe in and make bunch of money.
  • To do that we need great business.
  • To have great business we need to build platform.
  • To build great platform we need the tools so that developer can build what they want and make bunch of money.
  • To do that we need a business model that works for developer.

  • Google got biased this morning

    Google got just 4 results on first page for me. Above is the snapshot of it.




    * no crawling and indexing.

    Happens-Before....Java Memory Model

    "Java Memory Model (JMM) defines a partial ordering called happens-before on all actions with the program. Actions are reads and writes to variables, locks and unlocks of monitors etc. To guarantee that the thread executing action B can see the results of action A, there must be happens before relationship between A and B. In the absence of happens-before ordering between two operations, the JVM is free to re-order them as it pleases (due to the fact that every processor has it's cache and it needs to flush to the main memory). A correctly synchronized program is one with no data races, correctly synchronized programs exhibits sequential consistency, meaning that all actions within the program appear to happen in a fixed, global order.

    The rules for happens-before are:

    Program order rule. Each action in a thread happens-before every action in that thread that comes later in the program order.
    Monitor lock rule. An unlock on a monitor lock happens-before every subsequent lock on that same monitor lock.
    Volatile variable rule. A write to a volatile field happens-before every subsequent read of that same field.
    Thread start rule. A call to Thread.start on a thread happens-before any other rhread detects taht thread has terminated, either by successfully return from Thread.join or by Thread.isAlive returning false.
    Interruption rule. A thread calling interrupt on another thread happens-before the interrupted thread detects the interrupt( either by having InterruptedException thrown, or invoking isInterrupted or interrupted).
    Finalizer rule. The end of a constrcutor for an object happens-before the start of the finalizer for that obejct.
    Transitivity. If A happens-before B, and B happens-before C, then A happens-before C.
    Ref: Java Concurrency in Pratice

    I tried Google News today

    I tried Google News today by typing "google news" in URL bar in Google Crome. Google result shows:

    Then I clicked third link "Google News - news.google.com" tab. The result was:

    Broken code?

    mid = (low + high)/2

    mid = low + ((high-low)/2)

    mid,low and high are int.

    What's the difference?

    context: Java, C, C++
    Ideas Appreciated!

    Inactive for Couple of Days

    Due to large learning curve of new job, keeping myself busy with new environment and new people. Stepping ahead as a Senior Software Engineer, got more responsibility and need broader knowledge . Stopped working on Tellurium for a while.

    Will be back in couple of days.

    Tellurium-Reference is finally released

    With the extra effort from all the team members, tellurium-reference guide is finally released. Hats-off to Jian Fang's work.

    Please take a look to our effort on how this framework is changing the era of web testing.

    Tellurium-Reference Guide

    Further reference link:
    Google Code
    Tellurium Home Page